Realistic Landscape Creation Tool

What is Wing?

Wing is a landscape editor used for creating realistic natural landscape for games easily. More specifically, we try to procedurally generate four key ingredients of nature: plants, terrain, water and weather, with simple but powerful user controls.

The major features of Wing are (will be):

Dynamically Generated Plants

We will have data which describe the botanical features of different plant species and can simulate how plants grow under different environment (Soil condition, Light occlusion of nearby objects, water condition, weather, Carbon Dioxide density, etc.). We also need a simulator which simulates massive multiple plants compete for resources and finally reach equilibrium. Below is a picture demonstrating what we want to acchieve for automatic plant generation.

Plants can grow without user intervening. See the following picture, where the plants develop when season changes.

Spherical Terrain

We try to simulate an entire planet at different levels of details. It is notable that there are many terrain projects. We will try to build wing on existing technologies but this depends on the developers of wing.

Dynamic Atmosphere System

We have a dynamic atmosphere system to simulate sky, sun, cloud and fog in different time of a year.


Water flows from jokul to rivulet, from rivulet to river, and from river to ocean. Then plants grow where water flows.

User can also interact with the scene, such as cut trees or burn forest, which can cause bad consequences to the ecosystem.

Dynamic Weather System

We need to generate snow, rain, wind procedurally. Notice the weather system will be affected by the ecosystem.


To be Determined by You!

Wing is an open-source project. You can join wing and make this tool better.


If you have any questions, please send a mail to renqilin at
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