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How to edit wing help document

1. Setting up environment

If you want to build wing help document (*.chm), you need to download external libraries and extract it to External.

Instead of downloading a pre-built package, you can also install the following tools separately on your own:

  • Doxygen

  • Generate help files. I use version 1.5.2. Copy doxygen.exe to External\Doxygen\Bin\.
  • Microsoft Html Help Workshop

  • Please copy hhc.exe to External\HTML Help Workshop\.
  • GraphViz

  • Generate class graph. (used by doxygen 1.5.2). I use version v2.18. Copy the package to External\Graphviz\Graphviz2.18\.

After these steps, you can double-click Document\Help\Build_ChmDoc.bat or Document\Help\Build_HtmlDoc.bat to generate the help document. The output path is WingSDK\Help\.

2. Edit SDK documents

You can add comments to header files in WingSDK/Include by following doxygen syntax. For addtional information, please put them in Document/Help/RelatedPages/.

After the modification, you can upload your patch to your feature page.


If you have any questions, please send a mail to renqilin at
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